Your photo is not just a picture, it also tells story about your experience where you took it. Now pin this experience to that place and share with the world with whoozini for others to discover, like and comment

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What do I do with Whoozini???

Share Your Story Where it Happened - Simple and Easy!

  • Take Photo

    Wherever you are, there is a story around you, that you only can tell. Take it's picture

  • Add a Title

    Pictures do tell a thousand words. Add a few more in the title to make it more attractive!

  • Share

    Whoozini will pin your photo to the exact place in the map for others to discover

  • Enjoy

    All the attention you story will get from everybody who are exploring the whoozini map - likes, loves, comments

Why Whoozini? Why not other Social Media?

Because whoozini is ON CONTEXT

Whoozini has Context

Instead of endless photos without context, you browse the map and experience what others have experienced in that exact place

Publish to All

Why limit your story to only your friends? Publish it to the world. Have many many other people with similar interest as you, view it, experience it and react to it


Sometimes you need to be anonymous to publish your story to the world. We understand that, create your avatar - chose to display that or keep yourself completely anonymous.

We don't have your data!

You are not yourself in whoozini. You are either your avatar or completely anonymous. Hence no chance of us using your data in a way that is unacceptable

Get in Touch

Have feedback, suggestion, or any thought about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you in 24 hours.